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Estremera: How many times can a heart break?

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I’VE asked this over and over again through the years. Through failed relationships and most often… disasters.

Images of devastation are imprinted in a mind that never forgets… If you think this is as recent as Ondoy, you’re wrong. The memory stretches back to Boringot andDiwalwal, a long time ago when most of my staff were not yet born and most likely when their parents have not even met. There is also Ormoc, when by then, my staff were about to born, have just been born, or are toddling around in diapers, and continues to have clips of Lake Maughan, a place my staff may not even be aware of… Each disaster burdens the soul, the liberation found in the spring to help. Each disaster switches on an adrenaline pump, the following days will be a battering of the soul and a desperate search for what can be done.

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