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Chipped Nails and Roast Potatoes

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I had the cutest breakfast today. Yes you got that right – CUTE. I’m not really into the

I had the cutest breakfast today. Yes you got that right – CUTE. I’m not really into the Hello Kitty thing, my sister is though. But the bowl hugger which came free from the cereal was too too cute :D That was good way to start the day.

However, it wasn’t such a good idea to get a manicure today, well right before preparations for Noche Buena, anyway.

One of the rare times I put nail polish on. See? I’m really not that kind of girl :) )

I thought it dried long enough. Oh well no complaints really. After I got the manicure kinda sat and read for awhile then Mom came home with the groceries and it was time to help out. I am usually in charge of the carbs/american section of the menu, READ: mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, gravy, etc. So I started chopping and peeling a way, it wasn’t only until the veggies were in the pot.

I believe that Christmas this year is kinda different, for one thing I’m not really feeling the whole fuzzy feeling part, maybe because i just watched the news :| So many people are suffering and to think this is the “most wonderful time of the year”. But I don’t want to be downer all the same, my prayers go out to the people who are in need of extra love right now. :)

Specifically in our household, it’s different because we’re all kinda (semi-for me anyway) grown up. We have this ritual see, where we open gifts on New Year’s – good way to start the year and all that. I usually found myself (up until today) that I wasn’t wishing it was the 31st already so I can attack the small pile of gifts for me under the tree. I was too caught up with helping, really helping around the house. I was on mashed potato duty before and that was that, after I refused to lift a finger. HAHA. My brother’s really committing to his cooking now, my sisters are very much in charge of the house and my Mom kinda, KINDA, lets us take the kitchen over while she rests. Of course my Dad is the one who acts as a supervisor :P

Baby brownie bottoms for baby cakes in the making. Having a chef for a brother is definitely nice. :) ) Too lazy to upload unrotated photo hee :P

Our Christmas dinners always had a sphygmomanometer (sige nga, say it out loud) lying around because my Mom would push herself too hard and we need to monitor her blood pressure. It just happened now as she finished preparing the meat :| On New Year’s we are trully making sure she will not have a chance to lift a finger, by hook or by crook!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas :)


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