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Junkshop in Butuan City 2010 elections is just more than 2 years away, but certain people are now s


Junkshop in Butuan City

2010 elections is just more than 2 years away, but certain people are now seem to chart their political future which may be adverse to the interest of taxpayers. The frenzy peaked when the National Statistics Office conducted its census last year. There’s a buzz in redistricting everywhere.

Iligan and Lanao del Norte. Rep. Vicente Belmonte filed HB 3164 which aims to separate Iligan City district from the 1st District of Lanao del Norte. On the other hand, Rep. Bobby Dimaporo filed HB 2824 which will reapportioned Lanao del Norte into two districts. At present, the 1st District of Lanao del Norte is composed of some municipalities including Iligan City. Belmonte however admitted that he refrained from filing a bill creating another district for Lanao del Norte because it will not meet the requirement of 250 thousand voters since Iligan City will separate from the said district.

Davao City. Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina said Davao City has a population of 1.36 million which qualified the city to have at least five congressional districts. The city has currently three congressional districts. Lavina said Congress should immediately pass an enabling law so that the new districts could be in place for the 2010 elections (dagan dayun sehal!). He said this constitutional provision should be implemented to follow the dictum “no taxation without representation.” He said reapportionment is a better means to create new districts rather by case to case basis law based on individual requests of provinces and cities.

Surigao City and Surigao del Norte. There is much noise about the proposal to create another congressional district out of the 2nd district of Surigao del Norte. The proposed district will comprise Surigao City and the municipalities of Sison, San Francisco and Malimono which is part of the 2nd District of Surigao del Norte. The idea came after Surigao City Mayor Pons Casurra intimated that Surigao City should be allotted one congressional seat. However, with this proposal, it seems that the population requirement will not be met by Surigao City alone that it has to include the 3 municipalities so as to create another district. There might be negotiations now with Rep. Jun Romarate for this proposal. This is appealing to both parties. For any congressional aspirant, it will open a golden opportunity to become a member of Congress. For Jun Romarate, his hold on the 2nd district will be much more secure as his potential rivals come from Surigao City. With only 8 municipalities to concentrate and sans Surigao City, Romarate can now carve a bailiwick and a political dynasty of his own.

Cotabato City. Mayor Muslemen Sema said its high time for Cotobato City to have a separate representation in order to give more support to Cotabato for improvement. This after the latest census showed that Cotabato City has a population of 259,153, just a little over 250,000 limit for a certain locality to be entitled to at least one Congressman. But perhaps the best argument was expressed by Congressman Digs Dilangalen in opposing the creation of another Congressional seat in Cotabato City. According to him, he does not believe that Cotabato City will improve when there is a separate representation.

Applying it generally, more representation doesn’t mean better representation. In most cases, it will only benefit a few who have vested interest who will assume another position of power and will prejudice the taxpayers whose money will be spend just to support another batch of patronage politicians.

Posted: 2008-04-28 05:12:13

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