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Custodio: Surviving storms and other calamities

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AND so, the whole world watched as Yolanda wreaked havoc across our beloved archipelago. The unfurling of the super typhoon seemed like a week’s worth of episodes from a telenovela -- everybody was anticipating how it would play out and end. I cannot help but wonder at how Pagasa has improved with their weather-forecasting and also a bit sad that in the past years there has been an exodus of our meteorologists to other countries for better compensation. I am also quite happy about the safety measures that were taken by the government (national and local) to make sure that the affected areas are prepared for the onslaught of wind and rain. As we may know by now, that was really one helluva typhoon! It was raining, cats dogs, cows and chickens! It was scary seeing it on television and knowing directly from friends in the affected areas how horrifying it was to actually experience the typhoon firsthand! I was actually up until the wee hours in the morning channel surfing on cable trying to gather information about the coming typhoon.

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