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21. US lifts Iran 'iPhone' sanctions
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
The US eases restrictions on the sale of mobile phones and other communications devices and software - including popular Apple products - to Iranians. Read Full Article  ...
22. Skills registry system now ready
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
23. Nokia Lumia 510 Review
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
... of the box. We were excited to upgrade it to WP7.8 to get more functionality but unfortunately the Zune software can’t detect the update. We tried some tricks to force an update but failed. This ...
24. VIDEO: 'Help me find my Doppelganger'
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
Sophie Robehmed visits a firm that specialises in facial recognition software, in her quest to find her doppelganger. Read Full Article  ...
... It covers any type of device with data processing capabilities including, but not limited to, computers and mobile phones. The device consisting of hardware and software may include input, output and storage ...
... MSU-GSC is also the regional center for free software (according to Wikipedia). It was designated by IOSN ASEAN+3 as an OpenHUB - a F/OSS resource center - the first in the Philippines to cater to the ...
27. MOA signing
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
... of SARPTAS (Sarangani Real Property Tax System) Monday, May 30, after the flag raising ceremony at the municipal hall. SARPTAS is a software developed by in-house [...] MALUNGON, Sarangani (May 31, 2011) ...
28. Dynite Celebrates its 2nd Magnificent Year in Service
(NEWS BLOG/General Santos News Blog)
Dynite IT Solutions runs under the power of a skillful and a multi-talented Team with incomparable knowledge when it comes to Web Hosting, Website Development, Software Development as well as IT  ...
29. Filipino wins Google Map Maker contest
(NEWS BLOG/General Santos News Blog)
... maps. Manuel, a software developer at the UP National Telehealth Center, started using Google Map Maker in 2008 and initially edited streets, establishments, and municipalities in his hometowns of Tuguegarao ...
... application program as commercial closed source software, then Smartmatic should have used FreeBSD instead. The fact that it used Linux is a clear indication that Smartmatic intends to GPL-open-source ...
... first course, students enroll in “JEEP-Accelerate”, which consists of mixed-mode instruction—a classroom-based speech lab and special software—and focuses on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) or English ...
32. IBM refutes GSIS claims
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
INTERNATIONAL computer hardware and software manufacturer IBM slammed the Government Service Insurance System's (GSIS) accusations blaming the company for the failure of its multi-million Integrated L ...
33. BPO Investment In Iligan
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
The Hubport Group, which provides software and IT development services to global clients, has established a business process outsourcing (BPO) facility and training center in partnership with Mindanao ...
... not cope with the large volume of transactions being processed by them. It was announced in detail how the software installed by computer giant International [...] June 20, 2009 by: striker_jem Butuan ...
35. Empowered Through Information Technology
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
Students of Zamboanga del Sur National High School learn advanced software applications using computer resources provided by USAID’s Growth with Equity in Mindanao (GEM) Program though its Computer Literacy ...
36. The CMS
Information about the software behind Joomla!  ...
37. Free Software Foundation
(News Feeds / Free and Open Source Software)
38. Free Software Foundation Blogs
(News Feeds / Free and Open Source Software)
39. Software Freedom Law Center Blog
(News Feeds / Free and Open Source Software) ...
40. Software Freedom Law Center News
(News Feeds / Free and Open Source Software) ...