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41. 2 illegal drugs traders fall
(NEWS BLOG/Zamboanga News Blog)
Advance Options Attach image:  No POLICE have arrested two suspected drug pushers in a checkpoint along the highway in the province ...
42. 5 high-tech small-scale flood control systems
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
Metro Manila and nearby provinces are currently suffering from torrential rains and massive flooding. And while I was putting up my own makeshift sandbags to keep water from flowing into my house, I kept ...
43. Central Luzon must brace for heavy rains: PAGASA
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
MANILA - Weather bureau PAGASA urged Central Luzon provinces to brace for heavy rains late Monday due to the southwest monsoon enhanced by tropical storm "Maring."   Read Full Article ...
It’s just a week before the Kalivungan Festival and the 99th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Cotabato. But for those who are coming to the province days before the week-long festival, here are ...
45. Syrian troops rout rebels from Assad's home province
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
Troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad drove rebels out of his Latakia home province Monday as UN inspectors began probing the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syria war. Read Full Article ...
46. Gunmen rob lending firm of P200,000
(NEWS BLOG/Zamboanga News Blog)
Advance Options Attach image:  No GUNMEN robbed a lending firm in Dipolog City, the capital of Zamboanga del Norte province, the police reported Tuesday. The police said the incident ...
47. Governor Solon, Madaris facilitators sign contract
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
... every weekend. For more news and updates, please visit the Province of Sarangani . (Jake T. Narte/SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE) Read Full Article  ...
48. Villagers seed Sarangani Bay with bangus fry
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
... is supported by Alcantara Foundation with the Multi-Year Environment Project which targets the release of 1.5 million bangus fries by the end of 2013. For more news and updates, please visit the Province ...
49. Teachers, students
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
... up the final days of his three terms leaving behind high marks in education reform. For more news and updates, please visit the Province of Sarangani . (Tres Besana/SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE) Read ...
... expanded to 600 beds capacity through the construction of a seven-storey building and renovation of its main building which will be beneficial to nearby provinces like Sarangani. Just like Cotabato, Sarangani ...