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21. Davao Council approves coastline project
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
THE Davao City Council approved on second reading on Tuesday an ordinance granting City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte the authority to sign a joint venture agreement between the Davao City Government and Mega ...
... Center (DCIPC) said. The joint venture agreement between the City Government and developer Mega Harbour Inc. for the project is still up for deliberation in the City Council. The Council deferred anew ...
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
... eading about the dispersal of farmers in Kidapawan City and the government actions after that. There is no other expression that accompanied the state of collectively losing our religion that ...
24. What is a warrant canary?
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
A warrant canary is a statement saying a company has not received secret requests for user data by government or law enforcement agencies. Read Full Article  ...
25. PNoy: SSL to be retroactive
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
LOS ANGELES - President Benigno Aquino on Wednesday assured government workers that his executive action to increase state workers' salaries will be retroactive to January 1, 2016. Read Full Article ...
At least 50,000 overseas Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia, most working for firms contracted by the government to undertake infrastructure projects, will bear the brunt of the energy crisis in the Middle ...
The Syrian government has approved access to seven besieged areas and UN convoys are expected to set off in days, the United Nations said on Tuesday after crisis talks in Damascus. Read Full Article ...
... the suspension of some banana exporters in Mindanao by Chibese government. At present, five banana companies have been suspended to export bananas to China due to phytosanitary issues since 2012. One ...
29. Editorial: Empty reassurances
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
...  are the majority in the 15,000 laid off recently, but for the Pollyannaish spins government officials are putting on the story to make us feel as if there is no danger of thousands more who will hav ...
30. Palace twits Binay: 'Gumanda ang buhay niya'
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
31. LTO to thresh out van issue with Davao City
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Davao Region plans to discuss with the local government about the mechanics in monitoring the terminals and the colorum vehicles and buses plying around the region. ...
...  that needs to be amended. 6) Government Support. The National Broadband Network which was proposed and scrapped many years ago would have been a first step had it not been riddled with controversy.  ...
A nongovernmental organization based in Bacolod City won the 2015 RELX Group Environmental Challenge for its use of a technology dating back to the 1700s, which it has improved and modified to deliver ...
Residents here and in nearby Aleosan and Midsayap have been urging local government leaders to come up with an ordinance limiting speed for all forms of vehicles along portions of the Cotabato-Davao highway ...
35. Luczon: Fiesta recollections: social cancers
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
IT IS supposedly the week to be festive since it is, after all, the feast of St. Augustine and the local government and commercial entities transform it a tourism event, which we now know as Higala-ay ...
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
37. Alamon: What's in a box?
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
WHAT'S in a box? For government officials, they represent 600 million pesos worth of lost revenue. The sheer volume of these balikbayan boxes sent by loved ones abroad to their relatives home with possible ...
38. SSS net income jumps 6 pct in 2013
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
40. The GenSan SummerFest: 1st Youth Festival is here!
(NEWS BLOG/General Santos News Blog)
The new administration of the General Santos City local government unit under Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera has recently re-launched the annual summer youth program of the city, under the bigger and broader GENSAN ...